frankston childcareWelcome

We would like to welcome you to Frankston House Sanctuary of Early Learning. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for the care of children aged 6 weeks to 5 years of age. As a service we are committed to continuous quality care and improvement to ensure full and balanced development for each child.


Our Philosophy

In essence we aim to provide a loving, trusting, nurturing and safe homelike environment that allows the full and healthy development of all individuals. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where parents, community members and organisations will feel welcome and encouraged to participate whenever possible to bridge the gap between home, the centre and the community. We respect family backgrounds whether cultural or religious and we value parental involvement in our programs.

We believe play provides the foundation of our early childhood curriculum which is guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework for Australia of Belonging, Being and Becoming. Children learn through play. Therefore our most important goal is to programme learning experiences that encourage involvement and enjoyment, whilst fostering enthusiastic, independent learners who are not afraid to try out their ideas.

The quality and commitment of our professional staff is an integral part of the centre and reflect our best practices. We endeavour to assist with the development of each child’s unique social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills through observing, planning, evaluating and maintaining comprehensive developmental profiles. We acknowledge that this information needs to be communicated between staff and families.

Within our programs we consciously include children of all abilities. All children are of equal value and have the right to equality care and opportunity whatever their difference of race, gender, religion, physical progress, intellectual talent. We seek to recognise, appreciate and respect the uniqueness of each child.

Children will learn to be proud and confident of who they are and learn to resolve certain situations that may arise without adult intervention whenever necessary. Positive guidance and clear explanations about their choices will be given to children when adult intervention is required.

We provide a nutritiously balanced menu that allows children the opportunity to try new foods.

We believe that within a loving and stimulating atmosphere with our guidance, reflection and individualised care, children thrive and blossom.

Frankston House Sanctuary of Early Learning is a registered business with the Department of Education and Child Development and Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.